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The main purpose of foreign exchange trading is to make money in the volatile trading market, but because the foreign exchange market is often risky, we should learn to protect our funds before we want to make a profit in the foreign exchange market. This paper introduces how to manage funds in foreign exchange transactions and which foreign exchange transaction analysis software is good.
How to manage funds in foreign exchange transactions
1. Make a trading plan. Before trading, you need to understand your current situation, make a detailed trading plan for the products to be traded and the maximum risk you can bear, and plan to change the risk return rate of the transaction, so as to set the stop loss point of the transaction and prepare for the transaction.
2. Adjust the position in time. The foreign exchange market always alternates between rise and fall. No one can accurately judge the inevitable trend of the market. This uncertainty brings uncertain trading risks to traders In the process of trading, if we encounter large market fluctuations or face large risks, we can appropriately adjust our positions or adjust the trading strategy, which is also a means of fund management.
3. Try to avoid diversification of investment. It is inappropriate for traders to take more risks and spend more time and energy on management and planning every time they establish a position You can choose products with better market for centralized trading, and the risk will be less.
4. Stop loss in time. Bitcoin The position is set up to protect the transaction. When the market is unclear or the risk comes, the stop loss can limit the amount of our loss and maximize the preservation of our trading funds At this time, traders should not hesitate. They should learn to break their wrists and exit in time
5. Pyramid overweight. In the course of trading, if we see more profit opportunities in the market, but we are worried that the sudden change of trend will lead to the damage of trading, at this time, we can use the principle of pyramid overweight to help us increase our positions This is also a common method of fund management.
Which is a good foreign exchange transaction analysis software
1、 MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 4 is a free foreign exchange trading platform. It provides a wide range of technical analysis options, flexible trading systems, algorithms and mobile trading markets, virtual hosts and signals.
MT4 trading platform is widely used in foreign exchange trading. Investors can connect to the financial market through MT4, view real-time quotations, and use technical indicators to trade. Bitcoin trading platform Investors can use the intelligent trading program (EA) on the trading platform of MT4 without restriction to compile the trading strategies of investors into computer programs, so that investors' transactions can be automated.
2. Forex SkyEye app
The foreign exchange Tianyan app is a mobile app that provides formal, compliance and authenticity query of the foreign exchange trading platform. The foreign exchange Tianyan app provides users with a number of services such as information query, regulatory query, license query, risk exposure, credit evaluation, platform identification, platform monitoring, complaint rights protection and so on. In addition to these foreign exchange Tianyan, it also makes a comprehensive evaluation and appraisal of the foreign exchange trading platform from the aspects of license value, supervision level, software quality, risk control ability and business strength based on technology and authoritative data.
On the issue of foreign exchange transaction fund management, this paper focuses on how to manage foreign exchange transaction funds and which foreign exchange transaction analysis software is good. Fund management is very important for foreign exchange investment. Only through scientific management of funds can investment transactions be carried out for a long time. In addition, in foreign exchange transactions, it is necessary to select appropriate analysis software to assist.
Understand the rise and fall of bitcoin, in order to better invest in bitcoin.
1. Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang is a trend direction, Yang line on behalf of the rise, Yin line on behalf of the fall, with Yang line as an example, the closing price is higher than the opening of the market that bulls hold the upper hand, Yang line indicates that the next stage will continue to rise. Conversely, Yin line down the power is the same.
2. Entity size, entity size is the internal power, the larger the entity, the more obvious the power to rise or fall, vice versa is not obvious.
The shadow line is a turning signal. Bitcoin The longer the shadow line in one direction, the more unfavorable it is for the price of digital currency to change in this direction. That is, the longer the upper shadow line, the more unfavorable it is for the price to rise; the longer the lower shadow line, the more unfavorable it is for the price to fall.
Note that the stock market K line color is red up green down, and digital currency K line color is red down green up.
Finally, it also reminds us that no matter what kind of model we are doing, it is very important to learn to judge the upward and downward direction of digital currency assets by k-chart.
Bitcoin trading platform
Foreign exchange spread has the most direct relationship with the profit and loss of investors' foreign exchange transactions. Therefore, foreign exchange spread has become one of the most concerned issues of investors' foreign exchange transactions. Generally, the foreign exchange spread of different foreign exchange platforms is also different. What is the general spread of specific foreign exchange platforms and which foreign exchange platforms have low spreads? This article will give you a specific explanation.
How much is the point spread of foreign exchange platform
Foreign exchange spread is actually another form of foreign exchange handling fee. Bitcoin Foreign exchange spread varies greatly with investors' choice of foreign exchange platform and trading currency. Therefore, there is no clear answer to the question of how much foreign exchange spread is generally. Let's take the euro / US dollar with the most foreign exchange transactions as an example to introduce this problem to investors.
In fact, as long as investors look at the foreign exchange platform in the foreign exchange market, it is not difficult to find a phenomenon. There are two types of foreign exchange platforms. One type of spread is fixed, and the spread in Europe and America is generally about 1.5. The other kind of point spread is fixed, and the point spread in Europe and America is generally about 2 points. Why does this happen?
In fact, the reason for this kind of phenomenon is the difference between the point spread model and the account model. One feature of the platforms with a point difference of about 1.5 in Europe and America is that such platforms are usually gambling platforms. The platforms with the difference between Europe and the United States around 2:00 are usually STP mode platforms.
Under the foreign exchange gambling platform, investors' orders are not directly traded in the foreign exchange market, but are bet by the platform party and investors. Bitcoin The two are in an opposite relationship, so they will be greatly limited in trading. Under the STP trading mode, investors' orders are directly sent to the foreign exchange market for direct transaction, so the transaction will not be limited. Therefore, it cannot be said that a platform with low point difference must be a good platform.
Which foreign exchange platforms have low spreads
1. HY industrial investment
HY Industrial's customers only need one investment account to establish a diversified investment portfolio. The commodities on the platform have the advantages of high circulation, margin trading and online trading.
Most newcomers to shopping malls open standardized accounts in Yahui, a domestic agent invested by Societe Generale. The standardized accounts have smaller contracts, face-to-face transactions, and the point spread is also very low, and the lowest point spread between Euro and US dollar is as low as 1.8. There is also a special account, which is established by investors who expect to standardize the contract with the lowest spread trading, and the spread is also 1.8. The difference between the two is that the funds for opening an account are different. The standard account requests $500 and the special account requests $10000. The leverage ratio can be as high as 200:1. The special account can also get a free trading central software.
2. KVB Kunlun International
KVB Kunlun International's reputation in China can not be better. As a foreign exchange trading platform with few legal identities and rich in "state-owned" identities, KVB Kunlun international is sought after by many investors, and its lowest point difference is usdjpy1 20 points.
FXDD has more than ten years of professional experience and has always been a leader in foreign exchange trading skills. FXDD offers two forms of point spread quotation: one is the standard quotation without commission, and the EUR / USD point spread is 1.5 points; The second is the ECN quotation, which comes from the initial quotation between banks. FXDD only charges a low commission to complete EUR / usd0 Ultra low point difference of 1 point.
On the issue of foreign exchange platform spread, Bitcoin trading platform this paper focuses on the general number of foreign exchange platform spread and which foreign exchange platforms have low spread. It can be seen that there are differences in the point spread of different platforms. Only the foreign exchange platforms with low point spread are recommended in this paper. Novice investors may wish to focus on it.
Trade Bitcoin Online
If you want to trade in foreign exchange, the first thing to do is to open an account. After you open an account successfully and deposit money, you can trade normally. But for novices, because they have no experience in opening an account, they don't know how to do it. This paper introduces how to open an account on the foreign exchange trading platform and what risks there are in opening an account.
How to open an account on the foreign exchange trading platform
Bring a normal bank card or passbook, my real name mobile phone and my valid ID card to the business outlets of Bank of China, China Construction Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other banks to apply for the opening of mobile banking or online banking. Investors can conduct foreign exchange transactions directly through mobile banking or online banking.
After investors open mobile banking or online banking, foreign exchange trading accounts will be opened. Investors should pay attention that cash and foreign exchange transactions are not allowed to be handled on behalf. Go to the business outlets of banks such as Bank of China, China Construction Bank and industrial and Commercial Bank of China and tell the staff that foreign exchange transactions are needed, and they will assist in handling them.
Opening a foreign exchange trading account is equivalent to opening a mobile bank or online bank, without complicated account opening process. After opening mobile banking or online banking, investors need to sign the foreign exchange trading agreement with relevant banks and specify a capital account.
When opening a foreign exchange trading account, investors need to conduct risk tolerance assessment and product suitability assessment, and can apply for opening an account only if they meet the relevant risk level requirements.
Real time foreign exchange prices can be seen in mobile banking and online banking. Investors can click the corresponding foreign exchange on the takeout trading page, and then select "real-time" or "pending order" according to their own situation.
What are the risks of opening a foreign exchange account
1. Security of foreign exchange trading funds
The most important issue in the transaction is capital security. Trade Bitcoin Online NFA clearly pointed out in the official publicity materials for OTC Foreign Exchange trading retail customers: OTC Foreign Exchange trading is not guaranteed by the settlement institution, and the customer's deposit used for trading foreign exchange contracts is not protected by any regulatory authority, and will not be given priority in case of bankruptcy; Even if the customer's funds are deposited by the broker in a bank account with FDIC insurance, the customer's funds will not be protected in the event of the broker's bankruptcy.
2. Foreign exchange trading market risk
The foreign exchange market operates 24 hours and there is no limit on the rise and fall. When the fluctuation is fierce, it is possible to complete the movement range that can only be achieved in a few months in a day. Bitcoin trading platform The trend of foreign exchange is influenced by many factors, and no one can accurately judge the trend of exchange rate. When holding a position, any unexpected exchange rate fluctuation may lead to a large loss or even complete loss of funds.
3. High leverage risk in foreign exchange transactions
Each kind of investment contains risks, but due to the high capital pole mode adopted in foreign exchange margin trading, the amount of loss is enlarged. Especially in the case of high leverage, even if there is a small change contrary to your position, it will bring huge losses, even including all the account opening funds.
4. Risk of online foreign exchange transaction
Although most brokers have backup telephone trading systems, foreign exchange margin trading is mainly conducted through the Internet. Due to the characteristics of the Internet itself, it may be impossible to connect to the broker trading system. In this case, the customer may not be able to place an order or damage the existing position, which will lead to unexpected losses.
On the issue of opening an account on the foreign exchange platform, this paper focuses on how to open an account on the foreign exchange trading platform and what are the risks of opening an account on the foreign exchange platform. If you want to be a friend of foreign exchange investment, you must first understand the risks you may encounter when opening an account on the platform, and then choose a formal and reliable platform to open an account, so as to ensure your own interests.